Magic Behind Mind Reading Revealed

A number of random people in Brussels, Belgium, were offered a free mind reading session by an exceptionally talented clairvoyant, Dave. They were taken aback by the accuracy of Dave's fortune telling, and in a never seen before reveal, Dave exposes the shocking methods behind his magic.

Social Activism with Spray Cans and Potholes

Denizens in a Russian city, Yekaterinburg, decided that they've had enough with the poor road conditions in their state. After extended efforts to get the government to repair their roads failed, several activists took to the affected areas, and painted the faces of the politicians who were responsible for road quality, on the potholes.

Pole Dancing - Remarkable Hobbies

Image Credits: Bobbi's Pole Studio Singapore

Pole dancing is a form of performance art which brings together dance and gymnastics - the activity involves performing acrobatic maneuvers and dance moves with a vertical pole, and it is fast becoming a popular form of fitness and dance around the world and in Singapore. Pole dancing instills confidence in a lady as she is free to express her athleticism, grace and sexuality through it.