Who is Jeremy Lin and What is Linsanity?

This week on PopHighlights, we take a look at an American basketballer of Chinese descent who is taking the world and the Internet by storm with his stellar performance in the NBA.

Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Shu-How Lin is a 24 year old American NBA player for New York Knicks. He is currently one of the most talked about professional basketball players in recent times after producing the best five-game starting debut in modern NBA history.

Jeremy Lin highlights of New York Knicks vs Los Angeles Lakers game on 2nd Feb 2012. He scores 38 points, which was then the highest in the season.

An Underdog Story

Jeremy Lin was never offered an athletic scholarship after his graduation from high school, he was also never drafted by an NBA team. After being dropped by 2 basketball teams, Golden State Warriors and the Houston Rockets, Lin joined his present team, the New York Knicks where he sat courtside during the games watching his teammates play.

Lin was days away from being dropped again but when the Knick's star players Amare Stoudemire and Carmelo Anthony were unable to play in early February, they brought Lin onto the court to fill in.

Lin proceeded to play some of the highest scoring games in professional basketball history, averaging 23.3 points and 7.4 assists per game, statistics which surpass court legends like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Shaquille O'Neal.

Jeremy Lin's recent match (14th February) with Toronto Raptor where he scored a 3 pointer (with 0.5 seconds remaining) to win the game. The video garnered 4 million views in the span of 4 days.

What is Linsanity?

Linsanity exploded onto popular social network Twitter when Lin made his career debut for the Knicks by scoring 28 points and 8 assists against Utah Jazz.

On the night of his game, "Jeremy Lin" and the hashtag Linsanity trended on the Twitter. Basketball fans and journalist fervently searched and discussed his unexpected stellar performance and praised his virtues as a player and a person.

Today, less than 2 weeks after Jeremy Lin first made his NBA debut, he's garnered close to half a million followers on Twitter and over 750,000 fans on Facebook.

Jeremy Lin's popularity on Twitter sees no signs of slowing down, (dated 18 February 2012)

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By Herman Soh
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