Top 5 Most Entertaining Violinists!

German-born theoretical physicist Albert Einstein once said, "A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin; what else does a man need to be happy?" Well, Facebook, Youtube, Google, iPhone and Angry Birds just to name a few. But the godfather of natural science and relativity makes a valid point in that in the hands of a skilled violinist, this compact (and neck cramp inducing) musical instrument is able to entrall you with its rich harmonics.

PopConversation takes a look at 5 learned fiddlers as they pluck on and draw bows across their string instrument for entertaining performances.

1) The Most Romantic Violinist featuring Jay Cheng and Shane in Singapore

Full-time private violin teacher, Jay Cheng, and his fellow guitarist friend Shane, plays Frank Sinatra's 1954 classic in front of a lift lobby at the rooftop of a multistorey carpark (were the neighbours complaining? But it's such good music, oh well, their loss).


Curiously named Youtuber, shinigami2loser, commented that violins makes his/her heart skip a beat and guitars makes his/her mind wander; this video was uploaded in 2010, surely by now they must have moved out of secluded public spaces and brought their musical act into wide open stages.

You might not be able to tell from this video (yes, Jay Cheng has many more skillful showcases but we found this particular video to be strangely endearing) that the local string instrument veteran has been playing the violin for over 15 years now (can you say dedication?) and he's travelled and perform with prolific groups like NUS Symphony Orchestra. Keep up the brilliant sounding work :)

2) The Coolest Violinist featuring Bryson Andres in America

Sporting a pair of aviators, a handsome fauxhawk, fitting jeans and jacket, Bryson Andres is probably one of the coolest violin player that we've ever seen. The dashing 21 year old Hawaiian is seen doing a street performance of One Republic's powerful pop ballad, Secrets; he quickly captures the attention of passer-bys and beckons them to reach for their wallet to show their appreciation with dollar notes and spare change. Brilliant!

Bryson's busking has been captured in video format and uploaded onto the Youtubes where it's caught on like wildfire; it has now well over 1,000,000 views and people are still raving about his musical efforts online. 2,000,000 by the end of the week? Why not!

3) The Fastest Violinist featuring Ji-Hae Park in South Korea

If you akin playing the violin to running a race, you would have just found yourself the violinist equivalent of Usain Bolt.  German fiddler of Korean descent, Ji-Hae Park, studied at HFM Karlsruhe University of Music and she's since graduated and performed at many different notable venues- one of her recent ones being at historic Carnegie Hall & Kennedy Center, where many renowned artists like Taj Mahal, Gillian Welch and George Winston have made a presence and a showing in.

In one of her most popular video (oldie but goodie dated 3 years back), Ji-Hae Park begins her musical number at an innumerable pace you'd spontaneously look to see if you've accidentally hit the fast forward button only to realise that there's no such feature on your Youtube player. You may instantly recognize the familiar orchestral tune that she's playing but its name might escape you, well, it's called Flight of the Bumblebee; and no, bumblebees aren't that fast.

It's difficult to not be intrigued by the super sonic efforts of violinists and a search for similar swift showcases netted a number of head spinning results.

Nimble fingered classical music player, eboyinc, demonstrates his speediness

Iconic violinist, David Garrett, clocking in at a world record setting time of 1 min 5.26 sec for "Flight of the Bumblebee" in 2008

4) The Sexiest Multi Talented Violinist featuring ???

This video of a lithe and talented lady effortlessly switching between multiple instruments to play a well known mandarin pop tune has captured the attention of many restless male Youtubers online. The short clip was uploaded more than half a year ago but curious netizens worldwide are still actively discussing about it as fierce debates over whether the comfortably clothed female musician is wearing a pair of shorts. #Yougotrealbigbrains,butImlookingatyour

"is she wearing pants?" Drann0n
"put some goddamn pants on" rwatson8
"She is wearing no pants." estuans0interius 

5) The Youngest Violinist featuring Akim Camara in Netherlands

The adorable little boy in this Youtube classic (of more than 2.8 million views) was the youngest violinist in the world. Akim Camara was born in Germany and he started playing the violin at the age of 2. He was still in diapers and speaking unintelligible toddler gibberish when he took up violin lessons in a music school (so much for asian stereotypes about strict parents and overachieving children) but his teacher remarked that Akim had a natural ear and uncanny memory for music and orchestral instruments. The toddler made his debut at a christmas concert after 6 months of light musical training.

In the video above, Dutch violinist and composer, Andre Rieu, introduces 4 year old Akim (the youtuber who uploaded the video made a mathematical mistake in that 2005 - 2001 =/= 3 years old) and the gifted tot puts on an impressive (and genuinely adorable) performance.

Akim Camara is 11 years old now and in one of the more recent videos featuring the boy wonder, we can see that he's growing up to be quite the dashing young man!

Which of these violinist do you like the best? Would you ever try learning the violin? Sound off in the comment boxes below!

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By Herman Soh
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